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3 Amazing June Birthstones for Geminis

Emil Sipos
Persons born as Gemini may consider themselves lucky for having the opportunity to choose between 3 gemstones associated with their month of birth. In the list of birthstones, Geminis should pick Moonstone, Alexandrite or Pearl since these gems will have the most impact on their life.

Pearls for Love

Pearls are traditional jewelry gemstones used for centuries because of its beauty and uniqueness. They are connected to the moon and its soft glow. People associate this gemstone with wisdom, loyalty, purity, and love. Wearing pearls will help you be more open and generous to others.

Alexandrite for Balance

This is a newly discovered gemstone in the Ural region of Russia. It is one of the most unique gemstones that have special characteristics - during the day it shines in green color and during the night it looks red. It will bring balance to your life, boost creativity and give you courage and strength.

Moonstone for Luck and Joy

Moonstone is very interesting gem used for therapeutic healing. Actually, philosophers used it in the past for healing. This is a beautiful gem with silky shimmer and elegant white color. It is believed that Moonstone will help you feel more confident, increase intuition, bring luck and joy.

Unique as They Are

Gemini birthstones are just as unique as Geminis themselves. Choosing one gemstone is not that easy and you should pick one that suits you best. A gem that you decide to wear should amplify your positive traits.