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4 Secret Tips to Attract a Scorpio Man

Sometimes we look for support and calmness in our relationship. But sometimes women look for someone more passionate, who can add spice to their lives.
Cheryl Hearts
A man who adds spice to life does not mean he won’t be reliable enough, and would not support you in life. If you are looking for a man who can guarantee a passionate relation, consider a Scorpio man.
Cheryl Hearts, a relationships expert from CherylHearts.com says: "Scorpios always attract attention, and are always surrounded by people. Scorpio men are charming and amiable, but at the same time, they are very passionate. That’s why women are so attracted to Scorpios. It’s difficult not to fall in love with such a man."
Any woman who falls for the charm, tries to get the attention of a Scorpio. But as mentioned, such men are surrounded by people; more often by women. It’s not easy to attract these men as they are used to getting attention from women.
Don’t be disappointed, as there are some tips that may help to attract such a passionate and at the same time, loyal man. But first, you need to understand him. You need to find out more about his personality.
This will help you in taking your first step and finding out more about him, such as his beliefs, goals in life, needs.

Who is a Scorpio Man

He is a reliable leader in life, unafraid of responsibilities and commitments. Hence, he is so great with everything related to family. If a Scorpio man falls in love, he won’t be afraid to make a strong bond, eventually leading to marriage. Such a man is good with kids and can easily take care of them. Along with this, he will be a workaholic.
Career is important for a scorpio man, and he works hard to earn respect from colleagues. Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. Men born under this star are loyal, so you need not worry about your man being a cheater. Moreover, they like being independent, so don’t try to hold them if they want to go somewhere with friends.
They love to control a situation – this may be a problem if you are of fire signs Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius. These signs don’t like sharing control over a situation and are passionate, natural leaders. But if you work on your relation and try to compromise, things will be great. Let’s see few tips to make a Scorpio fall in love with you.

Appearance Matters

Scorpios love physically attractive women. But it wouldn’t work if you are too shy. When a woman is confident, it affects her behavior and her physical appearance positively. It’s a good idea to wear something nice, to boost your confidence and you may find a Scorpio observing you.

Play Hard to Get

It’s good to start a friendship when you are easy-going and people feel comfortable in your presence. But as we know, Scorpios are passionate. These guys prefer to add spice into relationships. But you need to find a balance between being hard to get and easy-going.
If he feels too comfortable in your presence and you are easy to approach, he won’t have an interest in you. On the other hand, if you constantly deny everything he offers, he might start looking for someone who would show more interest in him.
You might want to use some flirting tricks. For instance, when he assumes he has been successful in attracting you, take a step back. But do it in a playful mode, as in dancing – he takes a step forward, you take a step back, etc. That way he won’t lose interest in you.

Express Your Opinion

If you have different views, express them. Debate with him over subjects of interest and never be shy to express your thoughts. Don’t agree with him if you have a different opinion. Scorpio guy won’t fall in love with you if you simply agree with him upon everything. So, don’t be afraid of debating over important topics.

Allow Him to Be Independent

Normally, men don’t like when you tell them what to do, but a Scorpio might even start a serious argument over this issue. He loves to take control of a situation and it’s better to let him be. If you tell him what to do or not do, he may feel you are criticizing him. He can act defensively and may not open up to you.
These tips are basic rules that will help you in catching and holding Scorpio’s attention. If he falls in love with you, you will build the most passionate relationship you have ever had.