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How Using Astrology and Counselling Together Could Change Everything

Shariq Toor
Astrology & counselling goes beyond describing personal characteristics. It captures the dynamics that emerge from the interplay of individual needs and environmental influences. After a consultation, you will be able to view from a new perspective your challenges, yourself or your loved ones.

Before consulting

It would be good to clearly know what you expect from an astrologer. It is extremely helpful to be free from all anxiety, fear, and anxiety. In a state of tension, your concentration will be poor. Consider talking to an astrologer as a nice opportunity for a quality conversation about the essential topics in your life and a kind of avatar.
An experienced astrologer will also know exactly how much information you can receive and what you can submit, and will say just as much as the right measure.

An astrologer refrains from advice in any form and have any direct influence on you. A good astrologer from your natal chart assesses what is the best approach to talk to you.
Each person is a separate universe and there are no two same clients in the world, no two same astrologers. Expect an astrologer to guide you through the questions that precede the interpretation of the horoscope. The questions are neither a relief to the astrologer nor his private interest. This will help you find the right path.
Each astrologer acts a little differently, asking different questions and allowing you to ask them. No matter what, the astrologer needs to know your date of birth, place of birth and time. Inspired by the moment, intuitive feeling and expert analysis, his openness and accessibility will open segment by segment of your life.

Astrology & Counselling — Process

Astrology sets the framework for your actions, but it cannot dictate to you what to do. Stars indicate, but do not specify.
You have free will to do what you want and can with the energies of the planets if you understand them the right way. The astrologer is here to point out the most favorable areas and modes of action, within your means and by you.
During counseling, the astrologer is there to “wake you up”. By exploring the energy available to you, you can tackle the challenges that it brings to you and uses them in a way that will bring you the satisfaction of desires and needs. Allow yourself to be open.
The dialogue helps the astrologer discover how you currently function with your natal chart because there are so many creative variations on how the map can be interpreted. Your participation in the conversation is essential.

What can you expect from counselling?

Astrology & counselling can give you new perspectives, orientation and support:
— the feeling of living in harmony with yourself and your surroundings;
— make the most of your life to the best of your ability;
— the certainty that you will not go wrong knowing that you are on the right track;
— a better understanding of their capabilities.
Insight into your peculiarities and acceptance of yourself as you are, awareness of deeply suppressed needs, some subconscious fears that just prevent you from feeling completely satisfied with yourself. True acceptance of personal shortcomings.

What can be corrected?

— your lack of focus, lack of expectations, a bias that prevents you from feeling unrealistic desires because of unrealistic desires;
— a misappropriated proposal understood as bad advice, a possible misunderstanding that arose from the client's desire to stick to established forms.
The inability to know differently, accept yourself, and other painful events in general. One can see what benefits us, what heals us, and what kills us. What is useful and what is superfluous.

Why is it good to repeat the consultation?

— Because memory is not a '' sealed box ''.
— Because over time, people have a different view of things.
Because we are all in a constant process of change.
Since your first interview with an astrologer is most often affected by an acute problem and dissatisfaction, you perceive yourself differently and are limited by intense emotions.

Why is it good to repeat the consultation?

People then ask the following questions: “When will this happen to me?” Or “What's going to happen?” “When will I fall in love?” “When will I stop suffering?” A far better effect is achieved when the problem is not acute because only then the client can realistically view the situation without heightened emotions.
Successful consultation with your astrologer will leave you more focused and aware of yourself. You may not feel like all your problems have been resolved and you may not know more about your future than you knew before the consultation, but you will feel ready to deal with it.
You will surely have an awareness of open possibilities and this will bring a valuable sense of ease.