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Astrology Houses and Their Meanings

Scholasticus K
Astrology has never failed to arouse the curiosity of mankind. There are several theories backed with sound scientific proofs, ones that have supported the thesis of astrology. 'Astrology houses' is one such concept that is often ignored by many of us.
Time and again, mankind has sought to predict the future and destiny through various means, one of them being through the art and science of astrology.
The reason that astrology is termed to be a science is that there are concrete theories and principles based upon the 12 Zodiac signs and 12 astrology houses that may affect people's lives in a particular manner. At the same time, every person has a unique personality that is coupled with a combination of Zodiac sign and astrology houses.

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The derivation of effect of movement of planets into the 12 houses is an art, as it is unique to every Zodiac sign. Many of us are well acquainted with the 12 Zodiac signs. However, it is also equally important to give a thought to the 12 houses of astrology and the effect that they have on every zodiac sign.
The night sky is broadly classified by astrologers into various houses that are basically notional 'lines' that divide the night sky into 12 sections, which are known as 'houses'. The 12 houses stretch across the sky from an eastern horizon to western horizon.
The first house being just above the western horizon and the last one being just below the western horizon. The remaining houses are spread across the sky and are numbered in an anti-clockwise manner. For example, after sunrise, the sun first enters the 12th house. It must be noted that there are also some astrologers, who use a 10 house system.

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Vedic astrology houses are one of the earliest established houses in astrology and operated with a simple logic, that the presence of a particular planet, star, or constellation in a particular house affected the people of a particular Zodiac sign, in a particular manner.
In order to understand these effects, let us take a look at the houses and their meanings.

The 12 Astrological Houses

In the 12-house astrology system, every house has some significance, meaning, and also a dominant zodiac sign. The following list is a small compilation of the same.


Astrology houses and planets, as mentioned above, appear across the night sky in the counter-clock manner. Thus, the first house is above the western horizon. The dominating sign of this house is Aries and it is also known as the 'House of Self'. The first house is also known as Ascendant, and implies emergence and birth.


The second house - 'House of Value' - is dominated by Taurus, and signifies the establishment. This house is often observed as a positive aggression.


The third house is for the development of mind and is dominated by Gemini. It is sometimes also known as 'House of Communication' and signifies childhood and basic education.


The 'House of Family and Home' is dominated by Cancer. Its priorities are ancestry, heritage, and family. This house also emphasizes on the establishment of human feelings.


The fifth house of astrology is known as 'House of Pleasure'. It also signifies recreation, leisure, creativity, self-expression, and entertainment. In this house a person depicts his talents and passions. This house is dominated by Leo.


The sixth house is known as the 'House of Health'. Becoming aware of routine tasks and duties is a peculiar characteristic of this house. It is often characterized by caring, and is the first house that is not self-centered. It is dominated by Virgo.


The 'House of Partnerships' is dominated by Libra and depicts relations. This house deals with all domestic matters and also any partnerships, right from domestic to business.


The 'House of Reincarnation' is the eighth house and is dominated by Scorpio. It deals with cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. It also emphasizes on sexual relationships and transformation.


Foreign travel, law and ethics, culture, knowledge, and experience are all embedded in the ninth house. This house is also known as 'House of Philosophy' and is dominated by Sagittarius.


The 'House of Social Status' is the tenth house and it depicts ambitions and career. This house is dominated by the zodiac sign of Capricorn.


The 11th house is the 'House of Friendships' and is dominated by Aquarius. This house indicates like-minded aptitudes and fortune. It also emphasizes upon career.


The twelfth house is that of Pisces and is also known as 'House of Self-undoing'. It implies mysticism and of course self-undoing.
On the whole, astrology houses and their significance in a person's life won't matter much as existence of particular Zodiac signs and planets in each house tends to affect your life.