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Astrology Online: Crazy Horoscope Facts

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It is interesting to know how astrology influences our lives. Some individuals transcend the reality and swear every word as a divine fact while other considers it as best alternative for lightening the air. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, astrology is a multi-million dollar industry.
Every time you will encounter a fresh fact, as the layer unwraps.

If you consider yourself as “I-know-it-all”, these interesting horoscope facts will definitely make you 'jump' of your cozy couch!
Cancers are the most arrested of the zodiac signs according to the report put forward by the FBI.

Scorpions are the World Leaders

They are known for their leadership qualities and ambitions. Gemini and Pisces are known to be the serial killers.
Pisces are mainly known for their recluse into imaginary world and individual fall for Gemini’s charm.

Indeed Marquez was right in depicting that only innocents are capable of doing anything seriously heinous.
According to a research conducted by Cartoon Network, Sagittarius are twice likely to become famous!

Whoa!! Scorpio, Cancer, Leo and Taurus are more likely to have millions in their bank account. While Aquarius and Capricorn are the signs which earn the least. What is your sign?
Pisces tend to have a significant association with the suicidal idealization.

What's More...

Aries should remain conscious of their health as they are most prone to accidents.

Most people are born on 16th, if you are one of them welcome to the Virgo Club!

Astrology lay more emphasis on moon sign.

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