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Best Astronomical Object in Your Zodiac Sign

Bindu swetha
The sky is divided into 88 constellations with specific boundaries, with each star falling into a particular constellation by the International Astronomical Union. The ecliptic passes through 13 of these 88 constellations. Your zodiac signs signifies where the sun was along the ecliptic, at the time of your birth.

Aries: Mars: NGC 772

Aries is ruled by the celestial body, Mars. Named after the God of War, Mars is motivated, determined, full of raw energy, and animalistic energy.

About 100 million light-years, is an unusually shaped NGC 772 (Arp 78) which has one long spiral arm, that represents Aries. The arm is longer due to the gravity from other nearby galaxies pulling its mass.

Taurus: Venus: The Crab Nebula

The planet of sensual and flowery things, Venus, the Goddess of Love rules Taurus. For Venus, self-esteem and money (on things that brings us joy) also play an important role.

The Crab Nebula, which is 6500 light years away, is a rapidly-spinning neutron star. Astronomers believe that the Crab Nebula is holding a corpse of the star that was missing in 1054.

Gemini: Mercury: Geminga

Mercury rules Gemini which explains the quick-wittedness of communication of this zodiac sign. The Messenger of God, Mercury enables communication, sharing of information, and traveling!

The Gamma-ray source, Geminga, is 800 light years away. This second brightest gamma-ray source in the sky is believed to be a fast-spinning neutron star!

Cancer: Moon: The Beehive Cluster

The calm and emotion-driven Moon is the planet related to Cancer. It represents our maternal, nurturing side, memories alongside ruling over our vulnerable sides and matters of security.

The Beehive Cluster, one of the closest open clusters of stars, is only 600 light years away from earth. The cluster has long been known and has been visible for a long time.

Leo: Sun: Cosmic Horseshoe

The Sun drives the Leo zodiac sign. The driving force behind our living, the Sun, represents the conscious mind, our life purpose and our ego!

Gravity defines the shape of the objects, so the Cosmic Horseshoe appears to be distorted due to the gravitational pull. The Huge Large Quasar Group that is about four billion light-years away is also a part of Leo.

Virgo: Mercury: Virgo Cluster

Along with Gemini, Mercury rules Virgo as well. The expressions, communication ability and intellect of Virgo is due to the presence of Mercury!

The Virgo cluster includes thousands of galaxies such as M84, M86, M87, M88, etc. The Virgo Supercluster includes Local Group that has us and Andromeda, and the Virgo Cluster!

Libra: Venus: HD140283

Libra is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus! Their self-esteem, passion for love, and immense pleasure in spending money on things that bring them joy are all thanks to this planet!

Libra contains two of the oldest stars known to astronomers - HD140283 and HE 1523-0901. Both these stars are known to be 14 billion years old, which is the age of our universe!

Scorpio: Pluto: NGC 6302

Though Pluto is no longer a planet, astronomers still use it. It incorporates the energy of transformation - the energy of light and dark; day and night; and endings to beginnings.

Scorpio intersects the Milky Way, so there's a lot of space stuff in it! The prominent of the lot being Butterfly Nebula or NGC 6302, which is 3800 light years away.

Sagittarius: Jupiter: Sagittarius A*

Jupiter which is considered to be auspicious represents luck, growth, positivity, opportunity, philosophy, education, expansion and the like rules Sagittarius!

Out of the lot, Sagittarius is a part of the most-talked-about Black Hole! The 26,000 light years away black hole crosses our Milky Way. Hence, the attention it receives!

Capricorn: Saturn: Messier 30

The tough planet, Saturn, which is considered rigid (for our own good, of course) rules the Capricorn zodiac sign. It's all about boundaries, life lessons, discipline amongst others!

The Messier 30 which is a globular cluster that contains thousands of stars, is a very old collection of the gravitationally-bound star. It's about 28,000 light years away.

Aquarius: Uranus: TRAPPIST-1

The Great Awakener, Uranus, is the ruler of Aquarius! It's progressive, hyper-creative, original and forward-thinking. The fresh, innovative and unique approach is worth noticing.

The TRAPPIST-1 contains seven rocky planets that are Jupiter-sized. These exoplanets have just the right temperature and water on them, to support any form of life!

Pisces: Neptune: M74

The dreamy, illusionist, artistic and fantasist planet Neptune rules Pisces. However, spiritual attunement, as well as psychic intuition, also represent Neptune.

The M74 is known as the 'perfect spiral' galaxy by NASA! It is about 32 million light-years away. Pisces dwarf galaxies that are neighbours of our Milky Way are also associated with Pisces.