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Chinese Year of the Sheep

Maya Pillai
The year 2015 was the last Chinese Year of the Sheep. The next one will be in 2027. The personality and the characteristics of a person born in a sheep year are described here.
The Chinese Calendar dates back to 2600 BC. The first zodiac cycle was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti. The Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon. A Chinese new year begins anytime between late January and mid-February.
According to a Chinese myth, Lord Buddha had invited all animals for a meal. Only twelve animals turned up. Lord Buddha named a year after those animals in the order of their arrival as a token of love.
A sheep was the eighth animal. The Chinese believe the personality of a person is influenced or related to the animal ruling the year.
Here, we look at the Chinese Year of the Sheep, and its influence on people born in that year.

The Year of the Sheep

The sheep years come every twelve years. A person born in a sheep year is said to be nurturer, as he/she enjoys caring for others. He loves to relax and enjoy peace and quietness. He does not like to lead, and would prefer to be among the team. He would divert his energy to focus on his artistic talents than getting into a debate or argument.
A sheep nature includes kindness, reserved or introvert mindset, dependent and insecure mentality. A sheep person is indecisive in important matters.
Since he could be easily drawn into complex predicaments, he prefers to keep to himself. He dislikes being part of a conflict.You would find a sheep person to be a dreamer, anxious and sometimes a pessimist. He is lazy at heart. He will care a lot about his looks and give importance to physical beauty. Sheep are easy to get along and make lovely companions.
Sheep people are well-spoken and witty. Though they are sheepish, and at times lack self-confidence, they are independent and practical people. A sheep person enjoys the comfort and privacy of his or her home. He spends extensively to make his life comfortable. As a person, he is vivacious and charismatic. He generally has a good circle of friends.
He gives importance to family and enjoy spending time with them. Sheep people generally enjoy good health. The Chinese believe they are healthy because they keep themselves happy. Though a religious person, he is not a fanatic. He will show interest towards occultism and supernatural theories.
Lucky colors are pink and purple. Moonstone, jade, and sapphire are lucky stones. The pastime of this person is swimming, watching movies, and reading. He enjoys good food. He would love to receive vouchers for a spa massage, movie tickets, bathrobe, or a bottle of peppermint oil as a gift.
To summarize, sheep people are caregivers and emphasize on long-standing healthy relationships. They often prefer to settle down close to their family and friends. They dislike conflicts and separation from their loved ones. Mikhail Gorbachev, George Harrison, John Major, and Gene Hackman are some famous personalities born in the Chinese year of the sheep.