Write a Guest Post for Us

Write a Guest Post for Us
Start guest blogging on astrology in a new format that's sure to get you more user engagement.
Bid adieu to the old ways of blogging and hurry to hop on the visual storytelling trend. To create Instagram and Snapchat-like stories, start guest-blogging with us.

We accept guest posts in a brand new content format that's poised to be the future of the Internet - AMP Stories. It harnesses Google's AMP technology and lets you create visually appealing, highly engaging and immersive experiences for the readers.

These Visual Stories are search engine-friendly, fast-loading and fun-to-browse. They are not only mobile-friendly but mobile-focused too. Now even you can create AMP stories here, and earn more readership.

Beginner: So what if you are new to writing? If you have some photos, facts or witty one-liners about zodiac signs, you can easily compile them into a story.

Writer: If you are a professional writer, the best way to share your views or experiences about astrology is through visual storytelling.

Content Marketer: And every content marketer must know that writing AMP stories is the most effective means to channelize your marketing effort.