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Greek Myths of Sagittarius

Maya Pillai
There are many ancient myths about Sagittarius. In the Greek mythology, it is known as Centaur Chiron.
People who are born between 22nd November and December 21st belong to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. It is the ninth sign of the zodiac sun sign chart. Its zodiac symbol is a centaur (the upper half is a man holding a bow with an arrow that points towards the sky and the lower half is a horse). A centaur signifies that a Sagittarian is hunting to discover the meaning of life. These are adventurous people and truth-seekers, and aim their thoughts towards divine realms of the heaven.
In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is known as the Centaur Chiron. The ancient Greeks believed a centaur is not only adventurous and brave, but also wise. Chiron, the centaur was a great friend of Hercules, the Greek hero. In Greek myths, it is shown as the representative of the Greek god Zeus. Sometimes, it is also associated with the Greek goddess Tyche and the Norse God Thor. Another Greek myth connects it with Crotus, the son of Pan, the goat-god, and Eupheme, the nurse of the Muses.
The Greeks considered the centaur Chiron as the King of Centaurs. According to Greek myths, Sagittarius is a wild and uncivilized centaur that was wise. The kings of Greece would send their sons to Chiron for their education. Chiron was not only a teacher, but also a philosopher and a hermit. According to the Greeks, Sagittarius, the archer, is the son of Saturn. Chiron, the Sagittarius, was popular among the Greek gods and goddesses.