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How to Use Tarot Cards

Medha Godbole
If you wanted to know how to use tarot cards, the article to come up will help you know more about it. Read on.
How great it would have been if we would have been able to know our future before it happened? Unfortunately, this does not happen and we have to keep on guessing or take life as it comes. Astrology, zodiac, numerology all these things help a bit, but the problem is that these all too, do not tell us what is going to happen.
They just can give you a rough idea of how things would go and not the exact events. Moreover, everyone does not have faith and belief in these systems. Tarot is another thing in that league. Tarot cards can predict a general course and in some cases perhaps can predict things to happen, though it is not a concrete science or a system of prediction.
Nevertheless it is a very interesting thing to know about. In case you are interested in knowing how to use tarot cards, this text coming up is for you!

Using Tarot Cards

Using tarot cards means that first need you have to learn to handle and shuffle them well. After that comes the aspect of knowing the meaning of the cards and then predicting things. Here we go then!

Take Your Pick

First things first, when you want to know how about using tarot cards, you have to pick a good tarot card set. This should be a set which has an artwork and aesthetics represents and reflects what you are. Choosing a set is totally dependent on personal tastes and preferences.
If you are a novice, chose a deck which has pictures on all the cards. A traditional Rider-Waite tarot may be a good option till you have mastered the tricks of the trade and are well versed with tarot card explanations.

Handle With Care

The fact that these cards have to be handled properly, goes without saying. There is a conception that you should not let anyone else touch your pack of cards. Again, this depends on your discretion whether you want to give the pack to someone else to use or not. But yes, it would be better to mix and infuse them enough with the focused energy of a question a layman asks a tarot card reader.

Shuffling Away

Shuffling of the tarot cards can be done in the same way as we shuffle playing cards. That method is to divide the deck in half and then zip the stacks at the same time. Or you can also hold the entire stack in one hand, take sections from cards and move them front to back. Upright and reversed positions of the card can be attained by twisting portions of the deck.

Divide and Read

Dividing the deck of cards is very important when using tarot cards. Hence taking ahead from the earlier point, after the shuffling of cards is done, you would divide the deck. However, that will only be in case where you do not have any client and you are reading the cards for yourself. The easiest way to divide the cards is to cut the deck in 3 stacks. This is the basic step before you learn how to read tarot cards.
This was about using and handling tarot cards. Let's take a look at the actual process of reading tarot cards.

Instructions for Reading Tarot Cards

# 1

For reading tarot cards, you would first have to understand the tarot card meanings. Knowing these meanings will be half your job done. In addition to that, you also have to know what a tarot deck consists of. A standard tarot deck has Minor Arcana cards in 4 suits and major Arcana cards, not in suits. Extra efforts have to be taken to understand the meaning of tarot cards.

# 2

Wands, Swords, Cups and Plates are include in the Minor Arcana suits and these match the four elemental tools. All other cards are Major Arcana cards. Major Arcana cards represent principles, concepts or ideals and Minor Arcana cards are a representation of the various ways these principles are manifested in our daily lives.

# 3

A few things will help you get the grip about tarot card meanings. In the Minor Arcana cards, the wands are for Air - depicting ideas, thoughts, concepts and enlightenment and communication. Likewise, swords represent Fire element, which stands for power, motivation, action, force and conflict.
Cups are a representation of Water element indicating emotions, feeling, compassion and language of Spirit and Discs or Plate depict Earth, which point towards manifestation, physical expression in the world, and physical creation.
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing how to use tarot cards. As you go deeper into reading them, you would uncover innumerable dimensions and interpretations of these unique cards with their mystical properties. Good luck!