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Ways to Know Your Future

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
One of the most commonly heard phrases all around is "I want to know my future!" So, how does one go about finding out what the future holds in store for him/her? AstrologyBay answers this elusive quest by discussing ways to know your future.
The unknown is something that always manages to spike the curiosity factor in anyone. A lot of people out there claim that they would rather know the future than remain in the dark about it. This is the reason why knowing your future through fortune-telling is slowly becoming a huge rage, and attracting many people who are eager to explore the unknown.
There are many ways to do that―with the help of tarot cards, palmistry, or astrology. For those of you who are keen on knowing what the future holds, below are a few methods that people claim works well for them.

Will Palmistry Help?

Palm reading is a common practice that is used to delve into one's future. This is done by holding the palm of a person and reading the lines on the hands. There are very specific lines on the hand, like the marriage line, the lifeline, etc., which will help you know more about facets related to these aspects.
The lifeline will tell you the kind of life that you have ahead of you, whereas the marriage line gives you highlights about your marriage―whether it will be marred by infidelity or not. There are many other palm reading basics that a person needs to keep in mind while going to a palmist.
However, many skeptics claim that the lines on the palm are nothing but indentations that result due to the folding of palms in the fetal position when the baby is still in utero.
Hence, there are no scientific reasons to claim that folding a hand in a certain position will affect his/her lifeline, like having a significantly shorter life or one with low energy levels.

Will Astrology Help?

Another popular way of knowing about your future is with the help of astrology and daily horoscopes. These are by far the most common ways. The daily horoscopes that you read in the newspaper or online will tell you about how your day will slowly unfold.
Astrology, on the other hand, can even give you a fair idea of your forecast for the month. It can help you know if your relationship will be a success or not with the help of astrology signs compatibility. These are often referred by youth trying to find out the future with regard to their relationship or their day-to-day activities.

But do I ...?

"There was a survey once. A thousand people were asked, if they could know in advance, would they want to know the exact day of their death. Ninety-six percent of them said "No". I always kind of leaned toward the other 4 percent. I thought it would be liberating... knowing how much time you had left to work with. A year at best. It turns out, it's not."
― The Bucket List
These lines, said by Morgan Freeman, in The Bucket List, perhaps, best capture the opinion that a lot of people have about the future. It might sound crazy, but there are people who say they are better off without knowing their future, especially when they are going to die.
They say that death is inevitable and it is something that everyone has to face, so why know of the day and time from now and let it hound you for the rest of the life like a ticking bomb?
The people opposed to knowing the future have a simple ideology―they say that life is full of surprises, which is what makes it so enjoyable. Let's give you an example.
When you're watching a baseball match and it all comes down to the last ball with a nail-biting finish, don't you end up enjoying that match a lot more, as opposed to if someone were to just come and tell you the results beforehand?
Similarly, when watching a suspense movie, don't you just hate it when someone tells you who the killer is and ruins the climax for you? In both these instances, it is the experience of waiting till the end to find out what the future has in store that makes the entire experience so exciting.
The same is with life. Like someone has rightly said, "Life is a journey, not a destination", so it is better to enjoy the ride than worry about when you'll reach the end.
This was all about how to know your future and a small argument on whether or not you really would want to know what your future holds in store for you. For those of you who are still hell-bent on screaming at every palmist and astrologer you come across, then perhaps, the most accurate answer or prediction that anyone can give is "Your future is what you make of it."