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Pisces Love Match

Sayali Bedekar Patil
This one is for all my Pisces friends and colleagues. If you want to know the Pisces love compatibility with other astrological signs, or are on a lookout for your perfect match, this is for you. Pisces love romance and personally, I want to see them all find their fairytale classics, so here I present some Pisces love matches.
The mutable water sign of Pisces is represented by two confused fish, who seem to be caught in the wrong world. They are idealistic and compassionate believers of an imaginative Neptunian world. Others would never believe the magnitude of hurt that breaks their hearts when some ardent Sagittarius tells them the truth, that their worlds do not exist.
I'd hate to see Pisces stumble in their paths of love, because they are amazingly sensitive, fair and just, and give everything altruistically, solely for their partner's happiness. Hence this article on Pisces love matches, has been written to guide them through this confusing, two-faced world, so they can reach their happy, loving destinies.

Pisces Compatibility Code Chart

Code - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
It doesn't get any better than this. Go for the fire, passion and understanding.
Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Code - ♥ ♥ ♥
Life's a learning curve but you'll get there eventually, after all, all the fun lies in the journey, not the destination.
Taurus, Libra, Aquarius
Code - ♥ ♥
Think twice, for life's not worth the regrets. The fruits of the relationship are better, once the necessary efforts have been extended.
Aries, Sagittarius

Code -
Why settle for misery? Aim for the stars (4 stars). Only love is worth the fighting struggle.
Gemini, Leo
Now that you have the Pisces love match code, let us begin the Pisces love compatibility analysis.
Cancer - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Both are emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Both are deep, dark and tend to live in their own worlds. If their imaginary worlds are the same, the relationship will be smooth to the point of being boring. If not, then it is a good, healthy, sometimes steady, sometimes rocky relationship.
For one thing, a Pisces Cancer match will result in a blue colored house decor and kids that are bound to feel smothered by both the nurturing hens of the zodiac signs.
I suggest that you two should buy a huge house, where one spare room can be kept aside for each of you to retreat in, individually, when your individual bouts of gloom hit you (a watery, dark gloom is something every water sign is cursed with).
Virgo - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The 'Earth-Water' combination always produces something fruitful. This match produces an instant attraction, that sprout from the instant curiosity that brings these two closer. Virgo is critical and does not mind his p's and q's, when he's in his perfectionist mode.
But, he will be surprisingly gentle with his Pisces mate, understanding instinctively that putting his point in a soft-spoken manner will get him better chances of success. In a relationship, Pisces is usually the one who hangs on too tight, but with a Virgo, he is surprisingly secure and strong.
These two enjoy a karmic blessing, the blessing of being able to create magic with the physical expression of love. It is this that usually cements this already good relationship. Pisces often gains strength from the strong, earthy opinions of Virgo and Virgo learns to live a little and let go of unnecessarily heightened worries from Pisces.
Though there is always a danger of a role reversal, with Pisces becoming a worry wart (they already show a leaning towards) and Virgo being too laid back (quite a contradiction to being hung up).
Scorpio - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

These two are real, live examples of soulmates. Pisces and Scorpio can light a match by just being close to it. Yup, they can give you mills and boon story, for they are exotic, erotic and fiery together. My God, I am having trouble imagining a fiery Pisces, but it is true, true with a Scorpio, that is.
It is amazing how Scorpio brings out better passion, intensity and a life in Pisces and how Pisces lends Scorpio a vision to build his plans on. They both literally feed off each other and are more powerful when they are together.
Pisces is the softness in a Scorpio's hard, rough life and Scorpio is the push that Pisces always needs to build the impetus to realize his little known dreams. These two are as comfortable with each other as they are with their own company. A Scorpio Pisces match is karmically blessed with a lot of gifts, it is up to them to utilize them.
Just remember to treat a bad day as just a bad day, and remember the rest of the year that is spent with love and companionship.
Capricorn - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is a secret admiration society where both admire each other, with none having the courage to own up to the attraction. Capricorn's cardinality gives it a karmic right to guide Pisces and Pisces does not mind being submissive to the gentle goat.
Capricorn gets his hidden ego stroked with the attention and sensitivity that Pisces shows towards him. These two are well suited for each other as both have a similar turn of mind, mostly gray and pessimistic.
These two stand by each other when the world outside is crumbling down and this unswerving devotion to each other is what cements their relationship. Be wary of intensifying each other's negative traits (which you are very likely to do). The overall compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces is good.
Pisces - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If there's anyone who understands a Pisces, it is another Pisces, duh! (though most don't understand themselves). Both are so sensitive and emotional, that they have an uncanny psychic ability to feel what the other is feeling. Both are imaginative, and with each other as company, their creativity can know no bounds.
It is highly possible that the two confused fish can swim the oceans together, making a school of fish for themselves. The only problem with them is that, both are so similar in their traits that their glooms and highs are both twice as big. They need to be careful not to drown each other in their own faults and weaknesses.
The upside is that two Pisces fish are twice the force of imagination and creativity, that can beat a whole bunch of movie scriptwriters. Maybe you can start a production house together!
Taurus - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥

Water and Earth are good for each other, for they complete what the other lacks. Good things often grow from this relationship. Set the mood for romance, candle light dinners and cozy fire side barbecues. When these two fall for each other, things suddenly look more beautiful, for both share a liking for the finer things in life.
Both love luxury, travel and emotion. Both are sensitive to each other's unspoken needs and both find relaxation in each other's company. Money can be matter of contention between them for both differ in their spending habits and the things they tend to spend on. This can easily be worked out though, if both are thus inclined.
Taurus will give Pisces stability, security and the warmth of a cozy home. Pisces will make the Taurus house, a home for both of them. It is the physical expression of love that mostly brings them closer and often keeps them together. Remember what you share, especially when times are tough (as they often are, even in the best of relationships).
Libra - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥

If these two can avoid secrets from each other, this cardinal air and mutable water makes a good match. Both Libra and Pisces are made to enjoy the finer things in life - art, crafts, parties and luxury. Both seek security and balance in a relationship.
The only problem, Libra seeks knowledge and clarity, Pisces symbolizes dreams and the unknown. If these two keep the channels of communication open, things will be very good between them. Both are such sweethearts, for both think twice and avoid hurting others and both care, actually care. Both find the right amount of romance in each other.
This fuels a long-lasting affection that can surpass most common household issues. What I like best about this relationship, is that both know how to keep the romance alive.
It is a Libra Pisces couple that slowly walks out together, hand-in-hand (to keep each other from stumbling), to the corner cafeteria, for that special cup of latte, that they both love (despite the diabetes and arthritis), at the age of 90.
Aquarius - Pisces - ♥ ♥ ♥

At least, there will never be a dull moment (or dull conversation) in this relationship. These two are a perfect embodiment of the adage, find a friend in your spouse or mate, for these two may fail in a relationship but still survive as friends. The only problem in this otherwise beautiful relationship is Aquarius's thick skin.
It is very difficult to get an Aquarius to commit and fall for the Pisces charm, when Pisces symbolizes chains for him. In a way, this is true, but sometimes, chains are good (especially for the eccentric, wayward Aquarian). It is a pity that most Aquarians do not know what's good for them and Pisces is rarely the one to push someone into making a decision.
Pisces can provide the Aquarian with a peaceful home (to conduct his experiments) and Aquarian can teach the Pisces to question and contradict sometimes (it is healthy for them, since they do it so little). An Aquarius and Pisces can work out a good relationship together.
Aries - Pisces - ♥ ♥

Fire and water always sizzles, but eventually fizzles out. Watch out in this cardinal fire and mutable water match, for you two are two very different people. Granted that opposites attract, but be wary that your epic romance can easily become a timeless tragedy.
Though you are inclined to drop in head first in this romantic liaison, clean those starry-eyed lenses and rise over your blindness.
Pisces is attracted to the strength and machismo of the Aries' masculinity (it is a masculine sign, and even the ladies tend to be a bit manly) while Aries sees his Cinderella in the Pisces feminine wiles and guiles (it is a feminine sign and even the males are somewhat soft and sensitive).
Pisces sees a 'knight in shining armor' in an Aries mate, while Aries always had a secret desire to play the 'lord and mighty protector'. Let me warn you now, Aries will be rough and insensitive, and will very often push too hard. Learn to deal with it, my dear Pisces.
Pisces will often be too soft, indecisive and cowardly for the Aries to digest. Accept each other with each other's flaws and you will do well for both of you have a lot to offer each other (something that the other completely lacks).
Sagittarius - Pisces - ♥ ♥

The archer was once wounded by his own arrow. It was the arrow that was mis-aimed because he was too busy looking at the seductive Pisces. Yup, Pisces can have Sagittarius wrapped around a little finger in no time. The problem comes when the archer realizes that he's been done in.
The Pisces emotions are as deep as deepest trench and Sagittarius is mostly unable to comprehend them (he pretends that he's not even trying to do so). Sagittarius is the light-hearted clown, who is willing to try again despite many falls, and Pisces is perplexed about his motivation to do so.
With hardly any common point between them (except sex filled with intensity and exercise) the Sagittarius and Pisces match does not do well without the nourishment of true love.
This is tragic, because Sagittarius can provide Pisces with some blind faith and optimism (that it so badly needs) and Pisces can be the companion and friend that Sagittarius always wanted. Sit together and work it out guys, you can make amazing things happen for each other.
Gemini - Pisces -

When the light of attraction dims, the air and water will clash, for they will find no common ground to meet on. Gemini represents freedom, excitement and fun for the amusement starved fish. Pisces represents an unexplored imaginative world full of new prospects for the Gemini.
Hence attraction is immediate and intense. But while Gemini is light and fleeting, Pisces is deep and emotional. When the Pisces appears needy and clingy, Gemini is the first one out the door. When Gemini displays independence, Pisces will be insecure. This relationship is a ship on wayward sail as both do not know where to head.
The good thing is that both love to talk and have lots to tell. Maybe, both can build on their need to tell each other things and forge a relationship of love and understanding, for this is the only way for both to be satiated and content.
Leo - Pisces -

Have you heard the sound made by a deep scratch (long nails) on a black chalkboard? It is a sound that absolutely grates on my nerves. Well, this relationship feels like that sound, for both the parties concerned. These two are so ill-equipped to understand each other, that both are clueless in the relationship.
Leo, that works in straight lines and tangents, finds Pisces an abstract work of art. Pisces, that looks for a stable, steady, homely life, is too domestic for the ambitious Leo.
The problem is when Pisces will rebel (try to evade and run away, for Pisces rarely rebel) against the Leo's high-handed dominion and Leo will learn to ignore the Pisces silent retreats. An injured Leo, unable to leave his grasslands and settle in the waters, is likely to finally stalk off with an injured air to find his true lioness.
It is a shame really, for these two symbolize the goodness in astrology. Leo is the benevolent monarch with a magnanimous heart and Pisces has enough love to give all of mankind, with some still left over.
If only they'd channel this immense amount of love towards each other and work at an understanding, life would be a party of the Pisces and Leo would have someone to come home to.
Find a good love match, my dear Pisces, for you really do deserve it. The idea is to love, for love can overcome the stars.