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Predictions By Moon Signs: Planet Venus in Vedic Astrology

Ranjan Shandilya
Read this story to know about the role of planet Venus that works according to the Moon signs.
Planet Venus is represented in astrology by a cross hanging down from a circle. The perceptive faculties of an individual could be limitless, and the Venusian impact would enable the individual consciousness to establish rapport there.
The emergence of artistic talents, music, painting, dancing, sculpting, poetry, architecture, or any field where fine sensitivity is required, the Venusian impact can be observed. This planet represents or governs all dealers in gold and ruby, confectioners, people in hotel management, tourism, computer animation, and graphics according to Vedic astrology.

Venus in Different Signs

In Vedic astrology, prediction by moon signs is done by taking into the account the movement of the planets in the twelve different houses counted from the moon sign at birth. Below, you will find the various attributes that can be found in the individual depending upon which house their Venus is placed in:

In Aries

If Venus is in Aries, the individual will be extravagant, active, dreamy, unhappy, and irreligious. They will also face loss of wealth due to their fickle-mindedness and the loose life that they will tend to lead.

In Taurus

If this planet is in Taurus, the individual will be independent, elegant, and pleasing. He/she will also be well built, handsome, and voluptuous and will also be fond of nature, dancing, and music.

In Gemini

If Venus is in Gemini, the individual will be rich, gentle, proud, eloquent, learned, and intelligent. They will tend to lean towards the materialistic pleasures of the world.

In Cancer

If Venus is in Cancer, the individual will be melancholy, emotional, timid, sorrowful, and sensitive. They also tend to remarry and will have many children.

In Leo

If the planet is in Leo, the individual will be emotional, conceited, passionate, and will make premature conclusions. They will also have a good looking spouse and will always win over their enemies.

In Virgo

If Venus is in Virgo, the individual will be unscrupulous, unhappy, agile, rich, and learned.

In Libra

If this planet is in Libra, the individual will be intelligent, generous, passionate, intuitive, and sensual. They will also have a successful and harmonious marriage and will travel widely.

In Scorpio

If Venus is in Scorpio, the individual will be quarrelsome, independent, proud, and haughty. They will also have a medium stature and broad features.

In Sagittarius

If Venus is in Sagittarius, the individual will be powerful, wealthy, well respected, and generous. They will be of medium height and will be blessed with a happy domestic life.

In Capricorn

If Venus is in Capricorn, the individual will be imprudent, ambitious, boastful, and subtle. They will have a weak body and will also be of a unprincipled nature.

In Aquarius

If Venus is in Aquarius, the individual will be well liked, affable, persuasive, witty, timid, calm, and helpful. They will also be very good looking and of medium stature.

In Pisces

If Venus is in Pisces, the individual will be witty, tactful, learned, modest, powerful, respected, and will always seek pleasure.

Role of Venus in Vedic Predictions by Moon Signs

The effects of Venus's transit as it travels through the various houses when counted from the 'Janma Rashi' is as follows:
  • First House  - This transit brings happiness and also helps the individual win over enemies.
  • Second House  - This transit brings about materialistic gains.
  • Third House  - This transit brings happiness and materialistic gains.
  • Fourth House  - This transit brings in materialistic gains and comfort.
  • Fifth House  - This transit indicates a gain in materialistic pleasures and happiness from children.
  • Sixth House  - This transit brings in trouble, and increases the number of enemies and adverse effects from them.
  • Seventh House  - This transit creates distress, adversity, and loss in terms of money.
  • Eighth House  - This transit indicates gain of money.
  • Ninth House  - This transit indicates materialistic gain and happiness.
  • Tenth House  - This transit indicates the individual may indulge in irreligious acts and will also be unhappy.
  • Eleventh House  - This transit indicates mental stress, but a gain in materialistic possessions.
  • Twelfth House  - This transit indicates gain in wealth.
Venus is the planet of love, sensitivity, and art. For a pleasurable life, it is important that its position in your horoscope is good.