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Positive and Negative Gemini Traits

Emil Sipos
Geminis are unique and interesting people. They don't spend much time thinking about their past. When talking about their positive traits, they are dynamic, smart, quick and energetic but on a negative side, they are too changeable for most people. Geminis are known to be double-faced, hard to understand, anxious with a lacking sense of direction.

Gemini Positive Traits

Geminis Are Adjustable

They are easy going and can easily adjust to any situation in order to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Geminis are always willing to try something new at least once. If someone changes plans, they won't mind it since they can change on a dime.

Outgoing Persons

In general, they are always interested in going out since they are very social and enthusiastic about meeting new people.

Once people gather around, they don't mind talking about interesting things, engaging deep conversations.

Very Smart

Main reasons for having so much to talk about comes from their broad interests about everything and from their intelligence.

They are in general very smart people and they love to learn. You may actually find them with the book in their hands. Find more interesting information about Geminis!

Gemini Negative Traits


Being very smart is not always a great trait to have. Because of that, Geminis tend to be overly analytical when thinking about something which leads to indecisiveness.

Give them a chance to pick up the movie and you will end up with hours of anxious choosing.

Very Impulsive

While being easy to adapt on a positive side, on a negative they can overreact and be very impulsive. They tend to change their mind over every single thing all the time.

This negative trait is a huge burden for them since it blocks them often from accomplishing their goals.

Totally Unreliable

Since they are unable to commit to anything for a longer period of time. Geminis prefer to avoid responsibility especially if that includes some boring activities.

Feel free to call them to a party but don't even bother asking them to help you pack or clean the house.