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Predictions By Moon Signs: Planet Mars in Vedic Astrology

Ranjan Shandilya
Mars plays a very important role in Vedic astrology. This AstrologyBay write-up elucidates its importance.
Planet Mars is represented by a symbol of a circle with an arrow jutting from it. The circle refers to the bounded potential, a portion of the divine absolute in its primordial essence contained in the personality of the incarnating ego. The arrow projecting from the storehouse of divine energy represents human efforts containing that spiritual essence directed to some spiritual purpose. The urge to break the shell or outer crust of the spirit represented by the circumference, is the chief characteristic of Mars.
Planet Mars in Vedic astrology represents or governs all kinds of military men, doctors, physicians, chemists, butchers, barbers, engine drivers, and generally all workers in steel, iron, and fire fighting.

Mars in Different Signs

Below you will find the various attributes that can be found in the individual based on which house their Mars is placed in:


The individual will be inspiring, generous, active, powerful, and will be good at mathematics. They will also be blessed with a dark sensual body which may contain a few scars.


The individual will be timid, stubborn, and sensitive. They will also have a strong inclination towards sports and magic, and will also have a strong animal instinct.


The individual will be ambitious, quick, rash, fearless and tactless. They will also be blessed with a loving family and children and will also be skilled in music.


The individual will be intelligent, wealthy, fickle-minded, and egoistic. They will also be proficient in the agriculture, medical, and surgical fields.


The individual will be liberal, generous, noble, and successful. They will also have an interest in occult science, astrology, astronomy, and mathematics, and will also have deep love and respect for their parents.


The individual will be self-confident, conceited, boastful, and materialistic. Their marriage will usually not be successful and these individuals can also suffer from digestive disorders.


The individual will be ambitious, perceptive, affable, boastful, and will be fond of adulation. They will also be blessed with a tall, symmetrically body and a fair complexion.


The individual will be indulgent, clever, malicious, aggressive, and haughty. They usually have a medium stature and make great progress in life.


The individual will be conservative, indifferent, impatient, and quarrelsome. They can make a good minister or a statesman and usually have a few children.


The individual will be rich, brave, generous, bold, respected, and gallant. They can easily attain a high political position and will usually be blessed with many sons.


The individual will be unhappy, miserable, poor unwise, controversial, and will have a tendency to forget things. These individuals will be in constant danger from water.


The individual will be passionate, restless, faithful, and willful. They will have a fair complexion, can have troubles in their love affairs and will also have a few children.

Role of Planet Mars in Vedic Predictions by Moon Signs

Good effects of Mars are bestowed when the planet transits from the third, sixth, and the eleventh house when counted from the Janma Rashi. The effects of Mars's transit as it travels through the various houses when counted from the 'Janma Rashi' is as follows:-
First House
There is a fear of physical or mental problems.

Second House
This transit brings about troubles with the eye and loss of money.

Third House
This transit brings happiness and materialistic gains.

Fourth House
This transit creates trouble and fear from enemies.
Fifth House
This transit creates loss of money and sickness.

Sixth House
This transit brings happiness and materialistic gains.

Seventh House
This transit gives the poor health and also causes heavy expenditure or loss of money.

Eighth House
This transit causes fear and also inclines the individual to indulge in acts that are sinful.
Ninth House
This transit brings about sickness.

Tenth House
This transit brings about happiness along with some measure of distress.

Eleventh House
This transit brings about happiness and gain in mat erialistic possessions.

Twelfth House
This transit brings about sickness and distress.
Mars is the warrior planet that makes the individual very aggressive and courageous. However, the usual notion that courage is linked with violence is not correct as Mars can also make one stick to the path of non-violence which requires a lot more courage and hence blessing of Mars.