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Sagittarius Compatibility

Rujuta Borkar
The compatibility of varied zodiac signs has always made for a fascinating and interesting study. In this story, we will look at the Sagittarius compatibility with the other zodiac signs and study its varied aspects. This should make for an interesting read if you're a Sagittarian, or even otherwise.
The title of this story has informed you enough of the fact that we are going to get into the discussions about Sagittarius compatibility, but before we get into the Sagittarian and his compatibility with the other signs, a little something more about the sign is in order, right?
So here goes:

Zodiac Sign ~ Sagittarius
Period ~ November 23rd - December 21st.
Ruling Planet ~ Jupiter
Symbol ~ Archer
Sagittarius. The half man―half horse. Sagittarius―the archer. Sagittarius―the centaur. 9th sign of the zodiac. Optimism infused. Jovial to the core. Unconventional thinker. Infectious sense of humor. Sincere and hardworking. Ethical and moralistic. Idealistic.
Trustworthy. Imagination, talent, and flair infused. Big boned. Big headed. Traveling enthusiast. Sports fanatic. Impatient. Straightforward. Tactless and blunt. Large-scale ideas. Inborn luck. Freedom loving. Confinement hating.
Enthusiastic. Adventure seeking. Restless. Charming. Philosophizing. Entertaining. Witty. Of comedy. Tongue in cheek. Humorous. Exaggerated emotions. Blunt. Broadminded. Life-loving.
Sagittarius traits, in brief. A Sagittarius personality makes them one of the best companions to be with. Enthusiastic, optimism infused, entertainers, those who are able to draw themselves out from a downfall and a bad period in life, and turn their dashed hopes around with their big ideas and a need for adventure.
The characteristics of Sagittarius makes a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman one of the best partners of the zodiac signs. Sagittarius compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac makes for an interesting topic to study for those who belong to this sign and for those who don't, but want to know whether they are compatible with the centaur or not.
Sit back and relax, because this piece on compatibility of horoscope signs promises to be a long one.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius ♐ + ♐

The same sign. The same traits and the same philosophies. Or maybe not.
You tend to forget that there are two kinds of Sagittarians, the ones that are sports loving and adventurous and the others that are philosophers, though it is of course possible for a Sagittarian to be both. A Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair can be a great thing. They understand each others' needs for freedom and adventure and give each other space.
They love meeting new people and interacting with others so the deal with understanding what the other is doing does not lead to any surprises. But the problem may arise because they have no force to pull them back and they might fail to prioritize their choices.
Though this pair has the tendency of getting closer than most signs would when brought together, it has also been seen that most of the time they do not last long. But then again, it depends on each pair to make the traits that are similar to them to either work for them or draw them apart.

Sagittarius and Aries ♐ + ♈

Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs and therefore get along famously.
Sagittarius and Aries compatibility seems like it is made from the same mold because both love traveling, adventure, and fun. Both signs seek newer experiences in life and have the traits of romance and idealism to guide them along the way.
While the Arian comes up with idea, the Sagittarian goes with the flow. Both work well with others and what one does not have, the other makes up for. That is why an Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is seen to work wonders in not only a romantic set up but also one of business.
As a couple, there will be an instant attraction that gets these two together and the flirtatious nature of both will keep the sparks flying. Yet there will be certain initial problems that will clash with the Aries traits and the Sagittarian.
The Sagittarian needs time to come around to the idea of a long term relationship and therefore it'll take him sometime before he decides to settle down. But the sexual energy between the Aries and Sagittarius signs leads to something that will act as a force which adds to their already compatible nature.

Sagittarius and Taurus ♐ + ♉

Ruled by different signs, that of the Earth for the Taurus and fire for the Sagittarian means that these two personalities form a strikingly different set of nature from the other.
This becomes evident in the way they are. Even though there is an instant physical attraction, the opposite natures can get in the way. Taurus traits conclude that people born under this sign are grounded and cautious, while those who belong to the Sagittarius sign are extroverted and love adventure and exploring.
These simple shifts can create an issue for both with their opposing ideas. A Sagittarian is straightforward to the point of being blunt and that is something that will get to the already short tempered bull of the Taurus.
A Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility therefore needs at its core the potent power of adjustment and the understanding that both belong to different signs, therefore, there are meant to be clashes in nature. And once they are over the initial turbulence, a great relationship can become a part of the future.

Sagittarius and Gemini ♐ + ♊

The Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility are seen as opposites attracting, at best.
Both these signs are placed at the opposite ends and therefore they have within them certain characteristics that lead them on to long term relationships that often culminate into marriage. Gemini traits include intellectualism as one of the key factors, which is one of the forces that guides a Sagittarian as well.
Other than that, both these signs love to explore and party and therefore are great company for each other and make for a great trait in the Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility. They have the capacity to strike a bond with their ability to be great friends and share the same views, ideas, and passions.
And yet, though both signs have an innate need for the same things, they need their space and freedom to pursue individual interests. The successful compatibility for Gemini and Sagittarius lies in giving each other this space and that is exactly what will lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Sagittarius and Cancer ♐ + ♋

The Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the water sign and the Sagittarius by fire.
These two signs cannot make a great pair until and unless there is an understanding that things are going to be difficult and there will be a need to tread with caution. Cancer traits have at their core a Cancerian's need to belong, and that drives them to be clingy most of the time.
The Sagittarian is the complete opposite, with his need for freedom and space. The Cancer partner will want to settle down into domestication while the Sagittarian will want to explore newer options.
The other pointer that comes in the way of the Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer is the fact that the Sagittarian is blunt and straightforward while the Cancerian is sensitive. So a harmless comment made by a Sagittarian can lead to distress. For this pair to even work, there needs to be a lot of adaptation made.
A Sagittarian will have to be cautious with his words while a Cancerian will have to learn to be more open. If that happens, then the caring and protecting nature of the Cancerian and the exploring nature of the Sagittarian can lead to great things.

Sagittarius and Leo ♐ + ♌

The Leo and the Sagittarius signs are both fire signs and that is where great chemistry is promised for the other.
Sagittarius compatibility with Leo is seen to be very high and positive because these signs share a lot in common―both of them are enthusiastic, charming, witty, and funny, and love their freedom and independence. Both will, therefore, embark on great conversation pieces that will have at their core the topic of philosophy.
Sagittarians are flexible and they usually go with the flow with what the Leo plans, and bossy, as Leo traits suggest they are, it works out to be a great combination. The Sagittarius and Leo compatibility will however encounter some problems and that is mainly due to two reasons.
One, if the straightforward Sagittarian ever says something against the Leo, the Leo's pride will not let it go very easily and two, while a Sagittarian might love to go with the flow, excessive bossing can lead to resistance and sparks. If these problems are tackled, however, it can work out to be a great alliance.

Sagittarius and Virgo ♐ + ♍

The Virgo sign is an earth sign and is governed by Virgo traits of being practical and stability-loving―something that is quite the opposite for a Sagittarius sign which has fire as its ruling sign and loves his freedom and adventure.
A Virgo sign likes to plan things meticulously and know everything inside out, while a Sagittarian loves the thrill of a spontaneous jaunt. This can lead to a lot of friction because both might find it difficult to understand the very innate nature of the other.
What works for them is the fact that they look at things from a completely differing perspective―where the Sagittarian will look at the broader perspective and the Virgin at a more detailed planning outlook. This helps them in life if they choose to spend it together.
What is also seen to work in their favor is the deal that both these signs are flexible, and therefore, ready to change.

Sagittarius and Libra ♐ + ♎

The air sign―Libra adds enough fuel to the fire sign―Sagittarius and this is where the fun is at.
The Sagittarius compatibility with Libra is seen to work quite well because both love adventures and exploring things and both are in no hurry to commit. The Libran has a clear understanding of his goals, and therefore, he helps a Sagittarian get a clearer perspective of his goals in turn.
The Sagittarian seeks adventures in greater numbers than a Libran and therefore, he will help the other have fun. While one of the Libra personality traits is that he loves adventure, he usually prefers to settle before a Sagittarian does and can use his cardinal nature to steer the Sagittarian into an alliance.
The Libran is more refined which a straightforward Sagittarian might not understand and end up saying things that might seem crass to the Libran. But the quality of patience that a Libran possesses is seen to deal with this effectively as well and the overall Libra and Sagittarius compatibility can be looked upon as getting to be successful.

Sagittarius and Scorpio ♐ + ♏

The Scorpio compatibility with Sagittarius is a volatile one and is usually not seen as a great match.
The Scorpio is a water sign and does not really go well with the fire sign of the Sagittarius. Both are at loggerheads, because none can take things in a lighter vein when it comes to the other. The archer will end up saying something blunt and the Scorpio trait list will make it imperative to sting back with a sarcastic comment.
Though both do have a high need for crafts, adventure, and the performing arts and that is what might get them together. Yet, a Scorpio looks for a deeper, more fulfilling relationship while a Sagittarian will use charm and flirting to impress the other.
Their needs from the other are different and after the initial sparks have died down, they will find it difficult to make it work. A pair of this will be seen to be very volatile and a lot of negativity can be expected. But a clearer understanding of what they want and need from the other can work in their favor.

Sagittarius and Pisces ♐ + ♓

Pisces is a water sign and this is seen to work in two ways when paired with a Sagittarius sign.
The thing that gets them both to pair well with the other and brings out the Sagittarius compatibility with Pisces is the fact that they are both ruled by Jupiter and therefore are able to provide for the other, what the other signs probably cannot. Pisces traits suggest that they are caring, giving, and providing in a relationship.
And that is exactly what a Sagittarian craves for. In that way the Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility will work wonders. Moreover, Sagittarians are able to draw out a more sensitive side of the Pisces sign, as well as help them see the bigger picture.
Both have similar goals but the way they approach them will be different. While a Piscean works at a small scale of things, a Sagittarian usually does things in a grand scale. Both are flexible in a relationship and that is seen to work wonders in their favor to bring out the Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility.
However, a Sagittarian's extrovert nature and his need for independence might not always be understood by the Piscean and that is when he might get needy or clingy. Which will be the exact time that a Sagittarian will make for the exit.

Sagittarius and Aquarius ♐ + ♒

Aquarius is an air sign that has in it the capacity to fire up the Sagittarian.
The Aquarius traits are similar to those of the Sagittarian sign and therefore this pair is seen to work magic. Both love similar things like travel, socializing, and being the center of attention. They have an instant rapport working for them which makes them seem like soulmates and works out great for a Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility.
And that's how they normally are, unless clashes happen. An Aquarius sign is governed by being stubborn and head fast and the spontaneous Sagittarian might not always get their need to harp on a single factor.
Other than that, the Aquarius and Sagittarius signs understand their individual need for space and respect it. Though this might cause them to drift apart. So there has to be a balance maintained.

Sagittarius and Capricorn ♐ + ♑

The earth sign of a Capricorn is one that has a very on again-off again relationship with a Sagittarius.
Capricorn traits go on to show that a person born under this sign will tend to be an introvert while Sagittarians are usually extroverted. The process starts with the Sagittarian wanting to break the exterior barriers that a Capricorn sits under.
It is very intriguing for them and they love the chase. The Capricorn will take his time in getting to know the Sagittarian and will generally be more cautious in everything that follows. Capricorns can be demanding and might not understand a Sagittarian's ways of adventure and space.
Both are stubborn and therefore, there are chances that each of them may end up hurting the other. The relationships under the compatibility for Sagittarius and Capricorn are seen to last only if both understand each others' innate nature and work towards changing to accommodate the other.
A look through these astrology signs compatibility, in relation with specifically the Sagittarius compatibility and the 12 signs of the zodiac should have made for an interesting read if not anything else.
Though, it is important to clear that a horoscope signs compatibility should merely be taken as a very basic guiding force and should not determine the future of a relationship. Moreover, it should definitely not be the only factor on which a relationship depends and thrives.
Yet that does not take away from the fact that reading about our compatibility with different signs is still a whole lot of fun and that many individuals like doing it. How much recreation and how much information you take from it, I leave up to you.