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Sun Sign Compatibility

Rita Putatunda
Sun sign compatibility can be an efficacious way of looking for traits when hunting for a soulmate. While many think that this is just a bunch of hogwash, there are an equal number who believe in it steadfastly. Read ahead and decide which group you belong to.
Many people are an expert in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit. Jyotish Shastra, also known as Hindu Vedic Astrology, is a part of the Hindu scriptures dealing with creating horoscopes based on Sun signs at birth. The Zodiac of Vedic astrology is different from the one used in Western horoscopes.
According to Hindu customs, the horoscopes of the bride and groom have to match for compatibility before the go-ahead is given for marriage to happen. It is true that most of us long for that perfect mate, someone with whom we can share the rest of our lives in harmony, our joys and sorrows, strengths and weaknesses.
We try so many avenues to find that soulmate, whom we know in our hearts exists somewhere, from looking for them on dating websites on the Internet, to blind dates, to hunting in the want ad section of newspapers. Many people think that it is all written in the stars, and look toward matching Sun signs to hunt for a compatible mate.
If you are one of those, here are the Sun signs according to the Western Zodiac system, along with the personality trait of each. Perhaps they can help you to find somebody with whom you can attain lasting fulfillment and happiness.


When the Sun enters Aries, it annunciates the Spring Equinox, where the days and nights are equal. The traits of people in this sun sign are germination, initiation, emancipation. They are natural leaders and can empower others to share in whatever they commit.
Aries is most compatible with signs like Sagittarius and Leo. If they can keep their egos in check, Aries and Leo can evolve into a mutually felt profound sense of love. The Aries and Sagittarius match, when they hit it off, can become a pair that enjoys sensuousness in all forms.
As for Aries and Gemini couple, although this pair starts on a high point, it may never become a settled relationship. Though they are polar opposites, the Aries and Libra may find the journey interesting enough to make it worth being together. The Aries and Scorpio love life, can often seem like a war zone, although the intensity they share is exceptional.


As the Sun transits into Taurus, the germination and initiation of its sojourn in Aries changes into the practical and methodical nurturing of new life.
Hence, the Taurean is characterized by principles that involve the formation and practical shaping of life's values, so that they not only actualize their own potential, but also create an inspiring legacy for those who associate with them. The Taurean finds earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn nice and easy to be with.
Although Virgo's tendency to be hypercritical can often rock the boat, while Capri must curb her/his tendency to be the boss. The Taurus and Scorpio pair, if they can find the maturity, will achieve great depths of emotional compatibility and a contented stability.
The Taurus and Cancer couple can share a comfortable domesticity with each other, although they need to watch out that they don't extinguish the sensual spark from the union. The Taurus and Leo Sun signs, however, get along surprisingly well, as long as they can keep in check their roving eyes.


When the Sun visits Gemini, security garnered in Taurus gets stable, and there is effort to branch out. Interconnecting with a complex system of roots defines Gemini. They tend to connect things or people to form larger and inter-linked connections.
Gemini thrives to experience diversity of thoughts, encounters, and sensations. With the new knowledge they glean, they create theories and systems of knowledge, which they like to spread. Gemini thus, thrives with the mental stimulation that he/she gets from other signs like Aquarius and Libra with Libra often getting exasperated with their flighty ways.
Though Gemini and Aries will be interesting, because of their short attention spans, the union generally does not last long. Gemini and Pisces, however, are very compatible with each other as both share trait of changeability, so understand each other. Gemini's heart is also often won over by intellectually adventurous and equally flexible Sagittarian.


When the Sun peregrinates into Cancer, it heralds the Summer Solstice, when the light emanating from it is at its zenith. In the natural world, life has assimilated all the nurturing it can glean from the environment and begins to manifest a distinctive form.
The Cancerian is characterized by having the ability to assimilate impressions from the external environment, especially those involving intimate and nurturing experiences. Cancer creates a stable and secure sense of belonging, both for themselves as well as others. Cancerians feel emotionally compatible with other water signs like Pisces and Scorpio.
It works as long as Pisces incorporates balance which gives shape to their sense of self. Cancer and Virgo allow them to shed their well-known defenses, as both know how to bolster each other. Libra and Aries complement Cancer's intensity, though they may not be comfortable with the sensitivity. Cancer and Capricorn are for seriousness, loyalty, family feel.


Summer is at its height when the Sun enters Leo, and in nature the fruit has ripened and is ready to be picked. Thus, the personality of the Leo embodies ripening and expressing their creative life force.
Leos tap into their creativity and bring it forth so that it is generated outwards, bringing to fruition their ideas. Their personality is touched with a childlike purity and spontaneity. Leo often win hearts of Sagittarius and Aries. Although if Sagittarius is characteristically casual or Aries stops being interested, it can hurt Leo's sensitive pride.
A Leo and Aquarius pair is made for growth that can last a lifetime. Leo and Taurean matches are fraught with friction, although with the shared enjoyment of life's finer things, this combination does thrive sometimes.


In natural world, the ripening starting with Leo culminates into full harvesting time when the Sun arrives at Virgo. The Virgo personality, thus uses his/her efficiency and discernment to be analytical, and is bent upon improving the output of creativity started in Leo.
Virgos employ the powers of their mind and sense of discipline to improve and make perfect the physical entity they are born as, so it gets purified to become home to the Divine Spirit. Though Virgo is amenable to play helpmate to Capricorn and is willing to work with Taurus, both like Virgo, he/she has a need to escape being weighted down by them.
Both Virgos and Cancerians are worriers, but both these Sun signs appreciate the small habits they have and hence cherish their lives together. Virgos and Pisceans often find themselves in unions that plummet great emotional depths.


When the Sun enters Libra, it heralds the Autumnal Equinox, marking the commencement of the fall season, which, in the natural realm, is the harbinger of new beginnings.
Shedding of leaves starts fresh humus forming, replenishing the earth, exhausted by the yearlong growth, getting it back to balance. Libra personality is thus marked by equanimity, justice, and balance. Libra tilts towards Aquarius and Gemini. Though it stops working as Libra decides that Aquarius is too rigid about their views, and Gemini can't be trusted.
When Libra rubs against other signs like Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries, there will be friction, making them dizzy with the challenges of the relations. To pull it off together, there has to be an understanding about the various ways the Libra takes charge. Being peacemakers, the Libra and Libra relationship works well.


With the Sun entering Scorpio, it annunciates the beginning of nature turning inwards, and external forms decaying gradually, with life returning into Earth's womb. Hence, Scorpio personality is imbibed with relinquishing the old in order for rebirth to happen.
Metaphorically, it implies that we plummet into depths of darkness and fight our own demons. As we overcome fears, we have the ability to rise and be the bearers of new light. Scorpios often become role models of how to use power at its best. They get along well with Pisces and Cancer, although they have to learn to show more emotions to win over these two.
If the Scorpion and the Taurean get together, they have the ability to create an empire. Two Scorpions together usually fight to keep the union from collapsing inwards, although the sensuality that both share usually resolves things.


After the decomposition and renewal that takes place in Scorpio, when the Sun transits into Sagittarius, nature begins to teem with new life. The decomposed matter is broken down completely and the Earth completes the process of replenishing itself.
The soil expands the simple matter left over and transforms it into complex nutrients required for life to begin anew. Hence, the Sagittarian personality involves an expansion of knowledge by showing how meaning can be created through wisdom. Sagittarians get on very well with other fire signs like Leo and Aries.
The Sagittarius and Gemini pair can often be best of friends along with being lovers. Aquarius, on the other hand, empathizes with Sagittarius' independence. Sagittarius can also find compatibility with earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus.


When the Sun begins it sojourn in Capricorn, it is time for the Winter Solstice. Life on Earth begins preserving its energy to survive winters.When nights are longer and days shorter, the Earth patiently waits for new life to emerge.
Capricorn persona is defined by self-reliance and consolidation of authority and power, leading to mastery. Capricorns are positive role models, demonstrating the ability of mastering accomplishments, and showing how to use authority and power correctly. Taurus and Virgo draw Capricorn, though he/she can get restless with them and look for edgier relations.
Other Cardinal signs like Aries, Libra, and Cancer, with their romantic nuances, also attract the Capricornian. The Capricorn and Aquarius couple give each other a lot of emotional space, hence it is a relationship often imbibed with cool dignity.


In this phase of Sun's journey across the Zodiac, much of nature's energy is buried deep in the earth. Nature gets rid of its superfluities. All that could not bear the cold season or is of no use is discarded.
The Aquarius, hence is associated with breakup and reformation of inner values. Aquarian often heals wounds, and serves the collective by sharing his/her original visions. They show the people around how to transform through progressive and positive change. This loftiness often makes Aquarians want love at a distance, and they are drawn to Libra and Gemini.
However, the rebel in the Aquarian often balks at Libra's penchant for pleasing people and may find Gemini too wayward. When Aquarius and Leo get together, they get engrossed in unraveling each other's puzzling personas. Aquarius is often brought down to ground by Capricorn and Virgo, though the relationship does not involve too much forced togetherness.


When the Sun enters Pisces, it marks the final phase of nature's cycle. Earth is getting ready for the planting in spring. In this stage, form is destroyed, because the decomposition is taken to its culmination.
Thus, with the destruction of form in its particulate manifestation, there is a blending into a whole form. The Pisces personality is therefore imbibed with the 'I' integrating into the whole. The Piscean shows the people around him/her the value of surrendering themselves so that there is an opening up of the consciousness.
When this happens, the Piscean demonstrates how to transcend the sense of separateness and be able to attune themselves to being compassionate about others and experiencing true selflessness. The Piscean often has enigmatic relationships with other water signs like Scorpio and Cancer.
The Pisces and Virgo relationship makes Virgo settle down and enables Virgo to climb out of the mundane and view life from a loftier perspective. Two Pisceans together experience great oneness, although they also usually ensure giving each other enough space.