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Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

Saptakee Sengupta
Read the following story, which provides a deep insight into Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility, which will prompt the people who belong to these signs to think about how their relationships.
Trust me, the word 'compatibility' is just a synonym of any relationship. Relationships are bonded forever only when you and your partner are highly compatible. We are always keen to study the zodiac signs and their characteristics to know ourselves and our partners better.
Sometimes, this study helps us in overcoming the shortcomings and pitfalls of our relationships. This story is dedicated to all the Taureans and Sagittarians.
If you are into a relationship where your partner belongs to either of these signs, then this story will definitely capture your interest. Read it to know about the Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility quotient.

Zodiac Birth dates

Birth dates between 21st April to 20th May have zodiac sign Taurus, and birth dates between 22nd November to 22nd December have zodiac symbol Sagittarius.



It represents the bull and is completely earthy. Taureans are gentle, compassionate, sensitive, loyal, dependable, trustworthy, and possessive. They are very stubborn and get aggressive only when provoked. The sign also symbolizes love for materialistic things. They are physically as well as emotionally strong, and they dislike changes. Sexually, they are active, passionate, and love attention.


He is the archer, and represents fire. They are people who are intellectual and freedom loving. They are adventurous and sometimes argumentative. While they are generous and kind, they are sometimes too outgoing, careless, and reckless. They also enjoy sexual pleasure.

Sagittarian Man - Taurean Woman

The Taurean woman is attracted by the fun-loving, enthusiastic, optimistic, intelligent, and good sociable nature of a Sagittarian man, while the trustworthy, gentle, patient behavior of a Taurean woman is highly appreciated by a Sagittarian man. He is mostly irresponsible, fiery, flirtatious, and impatient.
This can create trouble, aggression, jealousy, and anger when these qualities totally go against the possessive, calm, dependable, and self tolerant attitude of a Taurean woman.

Sagittarain Woman - Taurean Man

A Taurean man is very possessive and responsible to his partner. He wants his woman to listen to him and dominates her in his own loving way. This attitude is very much against the independent and outgoing nature of a Sagittarian woman. There are clashes when the carefree attitude of the woman contradicts the reserved nature of the man.

The Final Answer

After reading the differences and similarities, you must be into a deep thought about their compatibility. The final answer is that the bull and the archer are compatible. This quotient comes only when there is a sense of appreciation for each other's behavioral traits.
Rather than giving a futile effort to change each other's qualities, you must try to compromise and accept. Just for an example, when the Sagittarian wants to go out, socialize, and talk, at the same time, the Taurean might want to sit at home and bury his head under a book.
In this situation, the Taurean should grant some liberty to the Sagittarian, and the Sagittarian must respect the likes and dislikes of the Taurean. Thus, if a mutual understanding between the two pervades, they are compatible.
Know the common things between you and your partner, try not to interfere too much with the differences, and give space to each other for a persistent and happy relationship. If your flaws are too grave, the best way is to talk it out amicably. Last, but not the least, a happy and satisfied sex life increases their compatibility quotient.
Thus, the compatibility depends on how well one can cope with each other. On second thoughts, just stay cheerful and joyous to make your relationship wonderful each day.