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Virgo Love Compatibility

Parul Solanki
Knowing about the Virgo love compatibility helps you understand whether you are fundamentally compatible with your partner.
This zodiac sign compatibility chart helps you understand your lover and whether you have the same interest and passions that can make your relationship an everlasting one. Read on to know more.
Remember the boy in school whose exercise books were a model of neatness, who actually liked the dull routine of school life and the pattern of rules and discipline, and who described cleanliness and neatness of school uniforms as being 'no trouble at all'? Well, it is quite probable that you have bumped into a Virgo child.
Intelligence, precision, and a need to do the 'right things' is what marks a Virgo's attitude towards life. To put it simply, a classic Virgo man or woman is a model of perfectionism with an enigmatic, aloof air that makes them look quite snooty and cold.
Unfortunately, this seems to reflect in the Virgo love life as well, as they tend to analyze their emotional feelings with a rational mind! However, that should not really confuse you about a Virgo's true feelings.
Although they may not reveal their selves to the one they love because of the fear of losing control, Virgo men and women have strong feelings and an intense passion for their lovers. Moreover, contrary to perception, an introvert Virgo is easygoing, friendly, romantic, and dedicated in a relationship.
So if you have a Virgo partner and want to know if you are compatible with them, then here is a look at the compatibility signs to help you on your way.

Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgo and Aries

There are some good points, and unfortunately a lot many downsides of this love relationship. While a Virgo is quite impressed with the bravery, audaciousness, and impulsive nature of the Aries partner, the Aries will want to know the person behind the enigmatic reserve of a Virgo.
However, it is this volatile nature of an Aries that will make the Virgo nervous about his/her carefully laid plans going astray. Moreover, this mutable earth sign and cardinal fire sign find it quite difficult to communicate as their interests and even the basic nature is different.
While the Virgo finds the Aries lover wild and wacky, the Aries man or woman would find the Virgo quite inhibited. The result is a goodbye to all the romance.

Virgo and Taurus

Both these earth signs have what it takes to make a relationship work. While the Taureans are sensuous and passionate, Virgos are analytical and practical in life and even in love. Both these homebodies have a practical, down-to-earth attitude about life which makes them quite compatible in a relationship.
Moreover, the analytical intelligent mind of a Virgo works well with the tenacity of a Taurus as they try to build a secure future with a fondness for money that makes them build a solid foundation for a relationship ahead.
In addition to this, both of them are keen on safety and faithfulness in love and are compatible on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Virgo and Gemini

Although the mutual interests and intellectual ideas may lead a Virgo to a Gemini, this is certainly not a match made in heaven. The amorous, impulsive nature of a Gemini is enough to scare any love-struck Virgo. Moreover, to the level-headed Virgos, a Gemini's need to pursue varied interests appears irresponsible and childish.
As for the Gemini, it will soon get bored of the stable Virgo and want to stray away to other people.

Virgo and Cancer

Affectionate and sentimental, a Cancerian will provide a Virgo lover with the thing they desire the most and that is a feeling of security. Moreover, the need for home comforts and money makes this pair a perfect couple for life with the over-dependency of a Cancerian gelling well with the protective nature of a Virgo.

Virgo and Leo

Oh, well not everything is meant to work out and this is the case with a Leo and Virgo love match. The reserved, introvert nature of a Virgo can be stifling for the Leo. Moreover, for all the penny-saving Virgos, watch out for the roars of frustration each time you try to restrict a spendthrift Leo.
Moreover, Virgos cannot be dominated and Leos will try their best to do just that. As I said some things in life are just not meant to be.

Virgo and Virgo

Responsible, intelligent, and sensitive, the Virgos in a relationship will mirror each other well. Their shared passions and love for the good things in life make them a great couple. The only problem is the constant criticism and fault finding.

Virgo and Libra

Too frivolous and shallow for Virgo's taste, Librans enjoys spending money, going to parties, and being the center of attention. This leads to constant criticism by the Virgo which in turn makes the Libran feel unloved.

Virgo and Scorpio

Sensual pleasures are something that both the Virgo and Scorpions share. The fierce, protective nature of the Scorpio is something that the Virgos will fall for immediately. Not to forget the sharp logical and analytical mind of these zodiac signs. The only problem is the expression of the true feelings in both these reserved and secretive signs.

Virgo and Sagittarius

A fire and earth sign can stifle each other to the core and this is what happens in this relationship. The gambler spirit of the ever adventurous Sagittarian has nothing in common with the Virgos. Also, the unpretentious and simple life of the Virgos may look quite dull to a Sagittarian who loves being extravagant and expansive.

Virgo and Capricorn

Harmonious, disciplined, and having a sense of purpose, this is what keeps a Capricorn and a Virgo together. The ambition and drive for success of a Capricorn is well understood by a Virgo. In addition, there is a need for respect and approval which both these signs provide each other.

Virgo and Aquarius

Rational, intellectual, and a tendency to view love in the abstract. Unfortunately for both these signs, this is where the similarity ends. The unresponsive nature of a Virgo can squash the enterprising spirit of an Aquarius.
Moreover, the Virgo seeks personal achievement and financial security while Aquarians tend to be outgoing and inventive. This makes it quite difficult for them to even gel well enough to be good friends.

Virgo and Pisces

Sentimentality is certainly not their cup of tea and Virgos are thus, quite unable to understand the emotional, so-in-love Pisces women and men. Although the two are attracted to the opposite natures and values in each other, the delusion is soon broken as the Piscean starts finding fault with the dreaminess and secretiveness of a Virgo.
While these signs can guide you in selecting your love match, the essence of any relationship is to work through the hurdles with understanding and love for each other. After all the adage, "Love conquers all" still holds true, doesn't it?