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What Type of a Woman Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Bindu swetha
Ever wondered why some women madly believe in love at first sight while some don't? Are you the type of person who can't get over a breakup or find it really difficult to move on? It is believed that one's zodiac sign can reveal a lot about one's personality and character. Women of each zodiac sign have some unique personality traits.

The Boss - Aries

A Born Leader, Impulsive, Confident Woman

If you are in a relationship with an Aries woman, you will be on your toes, always! Aries woman loves to be in a relationship, and seeks constant attention from her partner. If she doesn't get the desired attention, she can jump from one relationship to another, in no time.
She loves to be in control of situations and enjoys her powerful position. However, this Boss is aware of the consequences of her actions. But behind this fiery woman, is a soft and innocent soul.

Apart from being passionate and enthusiastic, she tends to be short-tempered and impulsive! She leads by example, and the world can't help but watch her in awe!

The Strong One - Taurus

Careful, Uncompromising, Caring

No other zodiac sign showcases such an immense emotional and mental strength like a Taurus woman does! This woman has the guts to stand up for herself and for her near and dear ones. When a Taurus woman fights the wrong, the whole world listens. In relationships, she is extremely careful when making a decision.
So, if you are dating this Taurus girl, you need to earn her love, patiently! She can make you wait for a long time, before getting into a relationship, but once she does, it's equally difficult for her to fall out of it.

The Thinker - Gemini

Creator, Social Animal, Skillful

The commitment-phobic Gemini will always be interested in the unavailable set of men! She likes the challenge of clearing roadblocks, but once she has solved all the problems, she might lose interest in the man.
However, the best part of this woman is her amazingly creative ways to solve problems. Her imagination can go places, and this helps her think out of the box. Without being dominating, she will put across her point, carefully choosing her words.

The Nurturer - Cancer

Caregiver, Loyal, Passionate

Out of the entire lot of women, the Cancer woman has maximum maternal instincts. The natural nurturer, she has a very kind heart and loves to take care of everyone around her. She will love to marry, have family, have kids, and a home to call her own!
Though sometimes, she can come across as desperate. A Cancer woman wants things she deserves, and she wants them immediately. Loyalty holds a very important position on her list, and she excepts the same in return as well, in any relationship. But, once she is betrayed, the world sees her wrath!

The Charmer - Leo

Happy-go-lucky, Visionary, Humble

Happy to communicate with everyone around her, the Leo woman, is friendly and a born leader. However, she doesn't like to stick with too many people, making her a bit self-centred. She has the perfect vision for the future, and will never stop until she has achieved her goals.
This woman is happy with life, no matter whether she's single or has a family. As a leader, she will take the whole pack along with her, and accept failure equally gracefully.

The Righteous Woman - Virgo

Virtuous, Kind-hearted, Practical

Virgo woman is the one who will always be active on all dating apps, looking for her perfect life partner. She has the perfect list of qualities that she's looking for in her partner. Being incredibly difficult to please, she constantly demands the best from everyone around her.
This woman loves animals and books, and is very kind-hearted. If anyone around her needs any help, she will always be the first to help.

The Poised Woman - Libra

Graceful, Witty, Humorous

The Libra woman comes across as a balanced one, as she doesn't get too much involved in her relationships and neither is too detached. She waits for her partner to prove their worth, and only then enters into a relationship.
A pleasant personality who easily attracts people towards her, and loves to be surrounded with a lot of people. Her great sense of humour and dignified way of living makes her special. With diplomacy and intellect, she manages to avoid any conflicts with the people around her.

The Braveheart - Scorpio

Brutally honest, Stubborn, Obsessive

Scorpio woman loves challenges and deals with them with utmost bravery and intelligence. Once she gets involved in a relationship, she finds it difficult to let go. But the one thing that she dislikes and lingers upon for a long time, is distrust and dishonesty in relationships.
She can get possessive for the ones she loves and can scare off her partners with her intense love. She makes great partners with the ones who can understand the intensity of her love. Her straightforwardness can sometimes be misunderstood as rudeness.

The Adventurer - Sagittarius

Independent, Self-involved, Sensitive

The free-spirited Sagittarius woman loves her single status and is in no hurry to settle down. She loves meeting new people and looks out for a partner who understands her independent personality. She doesn't like clingy people and needs her space.
However, she doesn't set any expectations towards the people in her life and expects the same from them. The fun-loving Sagittarius woman isn't scared to step out of her comfort zone and explore new things. Empathy comes naturally to her but finds it difficult to express her own feelings.

The Thoughtful Woman - Capricorn

Independent, Practical, Self-controlled

Being the practical one of the lot, Capricorn woman knows exactly what she wants from life - security and stability. Alongside her partner, she wants to have a life with a strong foundation which ensures a good future. However, she's practical enough to understand the unexpectedness of life.
She is a good manager who is self-motivated to attain her goals and dreams. However, her know-it-all attitude puts her at loss in some situations. She's highly ambitious and self-disciplined. She's open to relationships and expects her man to make her laugh.

The Restless Woman - Aquarius

Temperamental, Uncompromising, Problem Solver

The Aquarius woman is highly ambitious and is self-motivated to achieve bigger things in life, but is extremely restless to do so. She usually has a great career but doesn't like her partner to be intimidated by it. But this drive for better career and future puts relationships on the back burner for her.
She isn't too eager to get into a relationship and unapologetically enjoys her own company. She has a deeply rooted perspective of life, which attracts people to have conversations with her.

The Dreamer - Pisces

Romantic, Healer, Emotional

Love is what a Pisces woman is made of! She lives in her fantasy land and waits for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She doesn't express her feelings but is extremely emotional and sensitive. She is the healer who is ever ready to help anyone in need and in pain.
Hurting someone's feelings is a big no for this lady, and thus, she will always say 'Yes' to anyone who asks her out. She might come across as naive but she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve.